Digitization is the top topic in all media. But what exactly is digitization and what exactly do companies have to meet when implementing this topic and the associated customer requirements?
We want to inform you that the Directive (EU) 2017/2102 amending the RoHS Directive scope has been published in the Official Journal.
the ECHA has begun public consultations to 20 licensing applications with regard to 29 different uses of materials. Also about the uses of chrome (VI):


The safety manual contains important information on how to operate concrete delivery and placing machines safely, properly and economically. It is available in 29 languages. The manual is updated once a year and is published by the Construction Equipment and Building Material Machinery Association.
Wether a core drilling work is ultimately successful or not depends on the precise execution of the work. The VDMA information “safe fastening of core drilling equipment” indicates how to succeed in perfect core drilling.
Dr. Darius Soßdorf
Dr. Darius Soßdorf
Technical Regulations and Standardisation
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