At today’s CECE press conference, the European association of construction machinery manufacturers made it clear that 2018 was the strongest year for the construction equipment sector after the economic crisis.
2018 was the strongest year for the European construction equipment sector after the economic crisis of 2008/09: sales on the European market grew by 11%, and the absolute market level is now 10% below the 2007 peak.
EU Gateway | Business Avenues, the EU-funded programme that has helped European companies expand into Asia for over 25 years, has confirmed two missions for Construction & Building Technologies in 2019.
European construction equipment industry shows presence at bauma China 2018.
Rome was the setting for this year’s congress of the European construction equipment industry, which was organized by the Committee for European Construction Equipment (CECE). The congress was heavily influenced by the increasing challenges the European construction machinery industry is facing through digitalization and international competition, as was seen from the example of China.
Since January 1st, 2018, Enrico Prandini is the new President of CECE. As previous First Vice President he succeeded Bernd Holz. The CECE presidency is a rotating post held for two consecutive years by each of the associations representing their member nations.
Demographic change, too few women on jobsites, lack of engineers, fierce competition, little interest in STEM disciplines, a bad image of the sector and growing demand for digital skills are the biggest challenges in the construction and equipment sectors. The issues were recently discussed at a skills breakfast debate in the European Parliament.
As of May 8, Riccardo Viaggi starts his role as the new Secretary General of CECE. CECE secured the commitment of Mr. Viaggi to represent the sector towards the EU institutions and manage the association’s Brussels office.


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