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Outdoor Noise – Public Consultation launched

06.02.2018 The subject Outdoor Noise takes up again. Within the scope of "Working Group of the Outdoor Noise Directive 2000 / 14 / EC" which met on the 23rd of February, 2018 Deskofficer Mario Gabrielle Cossellu informed that a public consultation was begun.

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Revision of the Outdoor Noise Directive – timetable presented

08.12.2017 The EU Commission is very pleased to announce that the Inception impact assessment (roadmap) for the possible revision of Directive 2000/14/EC on noise emission in the environment by equipment for use outdoors was published today 27 November 2017 in the "Better Regulation".

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Outdoor Noise Directive – Impact study launched

30.05.2017 After longer break the Outdoor Noise takes up again in journey. The EU commission has launched her Impact study.

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Outdoor Noise Directive - ODELIA publishes their final report

24.02.2016 The ODELIA study about the „topical situation“ about machines which are foreseen for use outside was concluded, published and should serve the EU commission as a basis for the following COMM Impact Assessement study.

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